RGV automatic stereoscopic warehouse
Release date :2022-05-05

RGV automatic stereoscopic warehouse:RGV automatic stereoscopic warehouse is composed of RGV car, shuttle dense shelf, stacking crane, conveyor and other equipment, through the WMS/WCS management system unified management, to achieve automatic goods in and out of the warehouse.  

Stacking crane and RGV car are important parts of the whole system. Stacking crane completes the transportation of pallets in the space of warehouse roadway, running accurately, stably and efficiently.  RGV car to complete the pallet in the aisle of the straight line transport, bearing high load at the same time, through its own ranging and automatic speed control function to make the stable operation of the goods, so as to maximize the use of space, and goods neatly arranged on the shelf.

When the goods enter the warehouse, the unit pallets are put on the warehousing platform by forklift, sent to the inventory channel by conveyor and stacking crane, and then sent to the designated cargo space by RGV car, so as to realize intensive storage.

When the goods are out of the warehouse, the RGV car will run automatically to find the designated cargo space, take out the pallets, pass the stacking crane and conveyor, send them to the warehouse platform, and take them away by the forklift to complete the warehouse.  

RGV car through the stacking crane can carry out automatic handling, in each tunnel, the channel between the transformation, to achieve first-in first-out or first-in last-out.  

Compared with traditional unit laneway three-dimensional warehouse, the solution can increase storage capacity by about 20% and reduce construction cost by about 10%. It is suitable for food, cold chain, military industry and other industries.