Push-in shelf
Release date :2022-05-06

Push-in shelf:Push-in shelf are also evolved from tray shelves, also known as push-back shelves or push-in shelves.  Using the principle of combination of rail and pallet car, the rail has a certain slope (about 3°), using the weight of goods, Guan Yu pallet goods are stipulated in the single storage, goods advanced after out, suitable for the storage of large quantities and few varieties of goods, space utilization rate is very high, access is also more flexible and convenient.  The total depth of the shelf should not be too deep, generally within the depth of 6 trays, otherwise the space sacrifice will be large because of the embedding of the tray car.  The weight of a single pallet is generally less than 1500kg, and the shelf height is generally less than 6m.  

This kind of system has high requirements on the manufacturing accuracy of shelf, and the coordination between pallet trolley and guide rail is particularly important. If the manufacturing and installation accuracy is not high, it is easy to lead to the operation of shelf system.  This kind of shelf cost is high, very suitable for cold storage or storage area is limited but the need to increase the storage area of the occasion, there have been a lot of applications in China.